- Investment min. 1000 euros and maximum 5000 euros

- Earnings every working day 3.5%

- Term of deposit 45 working days (frozen 45 working days)

- The withdrawal of profit of 400 euros per week (the payment is once a week)

- Earnings from referals: Level 1: 5%, Level 2: 2% i Level: 3 1%

- Reinvest commision is obligatory (comision is not charged) and it is invested at min. 1000 euros


- Investment min. 1000 euros a max. 10,000 euros

- Earnings is 20% per month- The term of the deposit is 365 days

- The withdrawal of profit is once a week max. 400 euros. The withdrawal is 30 days after the first deposit. The amount of the payment is proportional to the reinvestment.- Earnings from referals: Level 1: 5%, Level 2: 2% and Level 3: 1%- Reinvest commision is obligatory (comision is not charged) and it is invested at min. 1000 euros


- Investment minimum 5000 euro max. 100,000 euros

- On your investment, our company is giving a credit of 70%, where from the very beginning your deposit is bigger by 70%

- Earnings 9% per annum and is calculated monthly.

- The term of the deposit is LIFE-TIME

- The withdrawal of earnings is monthly. Calculation is done on a monthly basis. The payment is max 700 euros for investments up to 50,000 euros and 1400 euros for investments up to 100,000 euros and payments depend on reinvest.

- You can raise a 70% of credit on your investment at any time, and return it for a predetermined period, and for the same, you will have certain manipulative costs mothly, as well as monthly costs from 1% to 2% per month. For a period when you use a loan, the company does not calculate you with your earnings.

- You will have life and health insurance packages that the company pays in Your name with a specific insurance company, and for which you receive the documents at the home address.For this insurance we currently have offers from 3 insurance companies and soon we will make the decision with which we will cooperate.

- Network stimulation:- For direct referals, the standard commission is 10%- For direct referals whose total amount of deposit amounts to at least 100,000 euros is 12% of the commission, for the amount of depost from referals that make at least 250,000 euros, is 15% of the commission, and for the amount of deposit from the referals that makes at least 500,000 euros is 20% of the commissions.

- For indirect referrals we will publish rules later.

Note: The company decides on limit of deposit based on the current investment of the company. It is possible to limit deposits on a weekly, monthly, annual or a life-time period, which does not mean that deposits will be closed forever, but according to the dynamics and performance of the company in a certain period of time.